Looking Fresh Recently

Yes indeed. Most recently the jeans and slacks have been coordinating well with the shirts and shoes. The eyewear and accessories. That complete look gives me a bit of confidence – and that is excellent. Indeed looking good and feeling good Doc.

Looking good. Feeling good. Smelling Good.

Dr. DisResepcet

The shot above is of Carson, Zach and Alshon traveling (photo: keil leggere Philadelphia Eagles). See photos of the Doc himself looking fresh.

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Today’s gonna be a good day. #Fartnite

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Who you got @DrDisRespect?  PHI or MINN (money line)

Big game today, to say the least. Carson has his hands full with fourth (4th) best NFL 2019 Defense (YPG) in the Minnesota Vikings. Even though I think the #1 rushing Philadelphia Eagles stats are padded I think they can still #whack the SKOL loving savages up there.

Remember – MV is pissed. This is the first time the birds visit Minnesota since robbing the teams, city’s even states’, “Home Super Bowl” birth. I would be pissed.

Looking for another impressive showing from Rodney McLeod to have another big showing against a weaker Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins.

Eagles Tough Next Three Games

  • Cowboys
  • Bills
  • Bears

No Darren Sproles for this game today against Minnesota. But, Kirk Cousins? please… The Philadelphia Eagles don’t have nothing to worry about. That’s OK – I ran PUBG squads last night with all team mates dead and took it to a Top 3 situation.

Be Strong and Play Life Strong.

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