A Chapter in Grace

I been grinding recently. This Labor Day weekend was a grateful time to seriously take a three day break and let my mind relax. Still, I found time to game/stream a bit, play music with some good friends and enjoy some Pacificos and Yards Brawlers.

Football is back SON!

Three nights of no kids, no wife – no routine. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong. But I missed them the moment we said good-bye. I been training with jiu-jitsu at the local gym and really eating well. My friends graciously invited me into a few fantasy football pools and I am excited about that.

Now the hard work comes in. I am hoping the discipline remains strong to continue with the recent progress. I am really excited about this new music introducing the iRid HD and contributing at my age.

I have got a few work trips and a long weekend upcoming so hello Cleveland, Boston and Orlando and I will keep on this great path.