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Finding Patience in This

Oh my (George Takei voice), it has been over a month of true isolation. Distancing. Leaving the house is rare. A few times a week. A week!

I do not watch much TV or read much social media on the matter; just sitting here waiting like so many. I hope those impacted directly heal and recover quickly ❤️.

My distractions have gone from being distracting to becoming expected relief from work. You find patience in this. But, fuck. I ain’t got the patience of a sunset.

I have been busy getting fresh songs written and learned and ready and will be pushing them out soon. I appreciate all of your support on the recent events, songs and videos. Some recent updates:

  • Fresh, new support from Patreon
  • Sweet, navaho woven pattern inspired look
  • That Goes Away, a new song
  • Another Live Event – Cinco de Mayo

The patterns continue. That pretty repetition of melody has kept me moving more often than not. Find your melody. Keep moving.