Happy Valentines Day

Here’s a sweet Valentine’s Day song for all those out there without a Valentine today.

Update September 2019:  Kevlar Valentine [REMIX]


Previous Link: Kevlar Valentine

Here we are 
The neon lights are bright 
Sitting alone 
On the dark side of town

Got a cigarette 
Yeah, its a fir light 
Feel the rush 
Of the cold wet ground

Here we are 
Falling in love again 
Lost in the past 
My Kevlar Valentine

Waiting for a sign 
Or a reason to try 
Waiting for your memory to die

Want to be the one that you love 
Want to take you home every night 
Want to feel the weakness and your needs 
Want to be the one you believe, yeah believe in me

Here we are 
Under a fog filled moonlit night 
Wrapped in the arms 
Of a bottle of rum

Got a campfire 
Keeping me up tonight 
An old flame down the barrel of a gun

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