RECAP: Last Week’s Live Event

Hope you are all safe at this point as we raise our shields high and stand strong in the USA. This quarantine sucks and CRUSHED local community. These are four clips I edited down from last Sunday nights live stream.

Pay No Rent

Yeah, I am a huge Turnpike fan and Pay No Rent is a favorite of mine. I am just learning a lot of TT songs and enjoying it. So, when I pulled this thing together I wanted to showcase the contemporary songwriting in Americana verse.

And yes, I cut the bridge – I am still working through that with my band mates and still exploring the song myself. So, it was premature to open with this – But all of these songs ain’t paying no rent right now.

Lights of Callowhill

I have been playing the Lights of Callowhill over the past two months with Dave and re-working it (along with Rita’s Blues) and when I look at our streets recently, they are like the “Streets of Philadelphia” as written by the Boss.

Callowhill is a map of my journey into Philadelphia early on in adult life. Where I found my voice, my love and my self. It’s in the way, you say, “No Way.”

East October

I just want to write songs. That’s all. And when I heard this tune originally I thought OK, that is what I am doing. Sometimes it don’t make sense one way or another, but the feeling gets you by.

Writing is so important to America. Words ain’t beats, their action. So, when you write an email or text – do not mail it in.


A recount of period in modern America history when TRUMP was becoming president and Americans were considering migrating to Canada.

This event happened on Facebook Live – March 22, 2029 4:30 EST.

  • Pay No Rent (Turnpike Troubadours)
  • Lights of Callowhill
  • East October (John Moreland)
  • Southernland
  • Something to Hold On To (Turnpike Troubadours)
  • On the Road

Hope you are still staying safe! Have a great weekend