Todd Bailey

Picture Perfect Please

Trees and the grass gettin’ ready early? No that’s just Mother Nature doing her pretty parlor games. See them clouds? Weather boy knows there’s a scream about to come late February or March for sure.

See NorthEast corridor don’t fuck around, as many US folk don’t this time of year. This rain has been something. I gotta put a heavy down in the pickup before something nasty happens again.

Yummy Panera, pretty light whispering in.

Pictures a Vintage

Took some new photos recently. It was fun and a great photographer [~~~~] to boot.

What Up Recently?

Things went sour a bit and I am constantly working. I like to think we all are.

All is well, slept well last night. 🤫. So don’t stare at the second hand on the wall – go get some. So ready for this weekend hockey 🏒 tournament! Go #8.