Rollin’ the Dice {REMIX}

After two years, the songs from Rollin’ the Dice were saved from an expired HDD and transferred into the cloud, forever.  At this point in technology I am convinced that cloud is the final solution.  I have been growing quite a lot and am gracious for all of you.  Save your masters on the cloud!  No more externals (ever). 

During this process additions were made to the masters and you can expect a full release 2019.  Sign up for the newsletter to be updated and receive a promo code for free downloads.  Or pay full price when it comes out and support original music.

Forthcoming is the [REMIX] of Rollin’ the Dice.  It’s been two years so let’s open that jar of jam once more. Not to disappoint, a mix in songs of style and genre.  Folk/Singer, Rock, Lounge and Dance are all worth listening to again.

This track below has momentum…

Think, True Romance & American Gods fight for the original love.  Is it just a usage of porno-culture or a driving melody?  Very hot (put that shit on everything HOT) single Kevlar Valentine strikes a familiar dark soar in Todd’s perspective.

Older Version:  Kevlar Valentine [REMIX]

The latest album release from Todd Bailey, Rollin’ the Dice, combines electric and acoustic songs. This nine track album is a compilation of recent original songs and versions of un-released older songs.  (2017)