Always Working on New Things

Interesting to see what happens with this Grammy scandal, the female artists and everything. Puts a damper on an event that was such a part of my growing up.

I’ll be cheering on the big night for Billie Eilish, what an inspirational piece of work. I haven’t won any awards recently and I ain’t trying too. Right now, 3 months of studio rehearsals/recording then April/May (tentatively) shows.

Goin down to bossier city

Ain’t no party like a “Never Have I Ever” party with Stromboli and patron.

and there, Ain’t no woman like a “Let’s Get High”, party girl getting on just on her own.

Learning new songs and playing old songs, recently

Stuff like turnpike troubadours, RK, 🥃 Myers, and more have been wonderful to fall into. But, recently Keb Mo has been gettin’ it ✅ [done].

Always keep an open mind, and listen. Other people do have things to say.