Quarter Past Quarantine

Just wrapped up some work today. Turns out it’s the end of the quarter. Fitting that this quarantine (and release back into the wild) all coincide with a quarter.

“Second quarter earnings down/up because of COVID’, said the board man to his cult.” Meanwhile the poorest, poor are mad at insults.


This is “Quarter to Chicago”, I wrote on a whim after a business trip to Chicago two or three years ago.

Quick Rough Ones

Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun. 🌞

Well, I guess it’s safe to say that things sure have changed. This fucking rain! This new world too! Enough!

Quick Change Hurts

It has been some ten years since when my world changed. My settled family up and moved. I never imagined the impact it would have.

Things that change so quick are the ones that have the biggest impact. And those quick, rough ones are the toughest of them all.

Over the past ten years, for the first time in my fortunate life, I experienced real pain and tough changes. But, just this week, my older sister moved back up to the NE and I am so happy. New Chapters!

I can thank my 45 stars ⭐️ that I am in a good spot.

Quarantine June

Where have two And a half months gone? Yes, almost 3 months of this shit and still quarantined. No Cinco de Mayo show, no Memorial Weekend DV3 Festival to honor our heroes this year and no band practice for me and my squad. Shit sucks.

It is Friday though!

It was around mid-March, I was at the Wells Fargo arena for the last Sixers game. I was worried for so long I might get the Corona.

I’m crooked, help me!

Steam Capture

I have tried so many ways to get this steaming set up the way I want without a Capture card, but I’m going to invest the $200 (budget) for the OBS hookup and to get things moving.

Still, some great Videos at twitch and YouTube so far. Thanks for all the subs and chat and comments friend! Please subscribe and share – much appreciated.

Finding Patience in This

Oh my (George Takei voice), it has been over a month of true isolation. Distancing. Leaving the house is rare. A few times a week. A week!

I do not watch much TV or read much social media on the matter; just sitting here waiting like so many. I hope those impacted directly heal and recover quickly ❤️.

My distractions have gone from being distracting to becoming expected relief from work. You find patience in this. But, fuck. I ain’t got the patience of a sunset.

I have been busy getting fresh songs written and learned and ready and will be pushing them out soon. I appreciate all of your support on the recent events, songs and videos. Some recent updates:

  • Fresh, new support from Patreon
  • Sweet, navaho woven pattern inspired look
  • That Goes Away, a new song
  • Another Live Event – Cinco de Mayo

The patterns continue. That pretty repetition of melody has kept me moving more often than not. Find your melody. Keep moving.