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Todd Bailey

Todd Bailey has performed in a lot of the top original music venues in Philadelphia and the tri-state area for over the past 20 years.  He has a unique blend of Americana, Folk & Rock that has developed from his laid back east coast experiences.

Genius at Birth, Slacker by Choice.

Former improvisational frontman of Gypsy Killers, which spent the majority of the final years of the prior millennium performing (and recording One Precious Stride) in Philadelphia as well as Anxiety Drive in 2017, he now breaths life into contemporary vocal & instrumental arrangements of today and performs classic/modern hits.

After leaving a theatre conservatory in Pittsburgh at the age of 19, Todd moved to Los Angeles (much of which is placed in the pages of his novel The Courts, 2007) for a year or two before heading back to Burlington, New Jersey. 

Growing up in his mid to late twenties and early thirties around the original Philly music scene (including running phillyscene.org – RIP), a steady diet of Huffamoose, Fathead, G. Love, K Floor, ERGO and XPN kept his mind busy while he was playing 3 to 4 times a week.

Todd spent his earliest of days at Fergies Pub.  This was at the time his now wife was attending Thomas Jefferson University (2nd floor at Dr. Watson’s).  Starting with Open-Mics and gigs with extremely talented musicians including Paul Edelman, Casey Parker and Aldo Naboa.

Always a desire to perform, to work with other artists and creators.  Todd eventually took to the online ads to find other local musicians including former Gypsy Killers drummer and writer David Smithson.

More recent times have seen Todd working for Disc Makers in 2000-2007 (RIP CD/DVD) where he met best friend and Anxiety Drive bassist Kris Ohrenick as well as in the digital marketing industry

Kris & Todd have collaborated on several musical projects over the past decade and a half.

Married life now for Todd.  Two kids, a cool career and adventure ahead.  Please enjoy Todd Bailey’s music and participation is always appreciated.

Todd Bailey is independently managed and supported by advertising and basically no music sales/royalties. 

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Todd is active on Twitch (streamer) and remains creative during 9-5 hours working in the Digital Marketing service and consulting industry.

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New projects and collaboration, always. Please visit his ReverbNation profile for details.

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In addition to originals, sometimes Todd plays acoustic cover shows in the Burlington area on weekends (as long as his security drinks free) performing popular songs from the 70’s to today.  

Anxiety Drive (2017)