Recent Fergies “Q” Open Mic Spot

Hey, how ya’ been? “Hanging in there”, over here. Here is a recent spot I did at my favorite Open Mic spot Fergie’s Pub in Philadelphia, PA. I will work through the mono/stereo issues so I can do some more live streams and hope to join the Fergie’s crew again soon.

Sweet Chemistry

Got a new song up and running called Sweet Chemistry.

Quarter Past Quarantine

Just wrapped up some work today. Turns out it’s the end of the quarter. Fitting that this quarantine (and release back into the wild) all coincide with a quarter. “Second quarter earnings down/up because of COVID’, said the board man to his cult.” Meanwhile the poorest, poor are mad at insults. http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/29677004 This is “Quarter