Todd’s long awaited sixth album “Be Good To Yourself” is a collection of songs that blend Northeast US Americana, folk, blues, bluegrass and pop . Where ever you are on your journey in life, be good to yourself.

Todd Bailey has a unique blend of tones and frequencies that are folk, pop, honky tonk, bluegrass, rock & roll and Americana. A seasoned solo troubadour performing in and around Philadelphia & South Jersey since the late nineties.

Todds songs use traditional arrangements and clever storytelling to take listeners on lyrical journeys. All with a unique cadence & clarity and delivered with his authentic style.

New Single!

“The People In My Life”

This is a song about the people in my life. My friends. Wether your with your buddies at the bar, out dancing with the ladies or chilling in the backyard, there’s nothing better than being with your friends.

“Some nights I just wish would never end. Hanging out with all of my best friends”


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