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Todd BaileyTodd Bailey has played guitar in all of the top original music venues in Philadelphia and the tri-state area for over the past 15 years.  He has a unique blend of island vibes and folk rock that has grown from his laid back east coast experiences.


In addition to originals, Todd plays acoustic cover shows in the Burlington area on weekends performing popular songs from the 70’s to today.  Here is a list of cover songs, which include Todd’s favorite influences Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley and more.


Formerly of the jam band Gypsy Killers, which spent much of the early part of the decade performing in the Mid-Atlantic (PA, NJ, NY) region, he now broadens his vocal and rhythmic range to capture stories from his suburban family life.  Songs are similar to Mishka, Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson.


todd-bailey-2In addition to playing solo gigs, Todd Bailey has performed with the modern rock band Anxiety Drive and The Gypsy Killers.



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