Southerland gets a [REMIX]

This one goes out to all of those migrants who have made the trip or hope to in the future to a new land full of hope and promise.

It’s a crazy tune. It’s a subject I have heard discussed for the entirety of my life. And with the climate in the United States there was no better time to tell this story again.

Was it time to leave then? People were nuts. But, were they?

“If Trump is elected I am moving to Canada”, became the cry. A convoy of US residents uprooting their lives because of a belief. “What makes you think we want you?” said Canada.

Listen, I don’t get into that politics kinda’ stuff – this song is satirical in nature.

Southernland is first and foremost a tribute to my big bro’ (cactusland roots) and Neil Young, his archives are a universal treasure. It’s a simple song with a cool story.